And Be Thankful

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Col 3:15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful. NASB

Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday. After all it is a time for family, food and football. I mean, what a deal! I remember Thanksgiving Day as a young boy. Our home filled with the aroma of Mama's cooking. She and Daddy preparing the feast while trying to keep four boys out of the kitchen until it is all ready.I remember the smell of the cakes, pies and cookies. And of course there was the turkey with all the 'fixins'. Then after the meal, my brothers and I would join with some of the neighborhood boys for a game of football in the lot beside our home. We were "All Americans" in our eyes on that afternoon. Of course we would then come in for a second round of the Thanksgiving feast. What a day! 
In my adulthood, with my wife and kids in tow, we would make an annual trip to Mama & Daddy's for Thanksgiving and then play football with the kids after the meal. Things have changed drastically over the years. Our family has expanded and our kids are grown and married. Trying to get us all together for this day is a chore within itself. Daddy has been celebrating Thanksgiving in Heaven for the past fifteen years, and I now call my Mama on this day to wish her a happy Thanksgiving. Some of my brothers still make it to her house for the day and she can still put on a Thanksgiving spread. However, the last few years we have created our own Thanksgiving memories with our kids and granddaughters and my sister-in-law. As far as playing football after the meal - well that is completely out of the question. Watching the game is satisfying enough (so satisfying that I find myself snoozing through much of it).
I still love Thanksgiving, even though the way I celebrate it has changed. In fact, Thanksgiving should not be relegated to a season or a special time in the Fall. Thanksgiving should be a way of life. As Christians, we should never forget the tremendous price paid for the peace of Christ that now rules in our hearts. Gratefulness should now flow from us like a mighty river. According to the Apostle Paul, much of the ills of this world can be traced to not giving thanks (See Romans 1:21).
Looking back over my life, I can only pause and give thanks to an amazing God who loves me more than I could ever describe. I am thankful for a Savior, who rescued me from the pits in which I have often found myself. I thank Him for directing my steps, and for the assurance that He does everything well - even if I cannot see the outcome at the moment. I am thankful that His eye is on me and His care is everlasting and secure.
I am thankful for my family - my wife, children, their spouses and grandchildren. I am thankful for Fall evenings and the sound of laughter on the back porch with my family and friends. Life is far too short for us to spend it ungrateful. The world is indeed a rough place but there is always something for which to be thankful. So spend this season Giving Thanks - and make it a habit to be thankful throughout the year.