Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sometimes I deal with Vertigo. Yesterday was one of those times. It starts with a mild feeling of dizziness and can become a full blown crisis if not treated in time. I know some who deal with this affliction on a regular basis and they have my deepest feelings of empathy. I have only had this attack a few times. The world spinning when I am standing or sitting upright can make one sick to say the least. Laying down in a dark room with my eyes closed seems to be the best way to combat this attack.
Today I am better and thinking about yesterday's attack. Sometimes it seems this attack can speak to me spiritually. When I am focusing on everything instead of 'one-thing' my spiritual equilibrium gets out of balance. The world around me starts spinning out of my control and I began to stumble in my faith. Sometimes this leads me to dark places where I am unable to move. Closing my eyes to the many 'sights' may seem to help but it leaves me motionless. I need to regain my vision of 'one thing'.
I am told that one of the ways to combat Vertigo is to focus on 'one thing' instead of quickly looking around. This can cause the affliction to escalate. I know in my spiritual journey, looking to the right and the left does indeed cause me to become unbalanced and eventually motionless. God desires that I make progress. I cannot do that effectively if I am constantly looking around or looking back. I must fix my eyes straight ahead and in faith, look to Jesus. He alone must be the object of my attention. Especially when I am stumbling around and disorientated.
That seems to be exactly what the Apostle Peter did when walking on the water to Jesus. He was doing great until he began to look around at the storms and the waves. Then he started sinking into the crisis he was walking on! However, he regained his vision long enough to cry out to Jesus for help and immediately Jesus took him by the hand and they walked together back to the boat (See Mark 14:22-33).
How many times do we see the saints of old say, "This one thing I do", or "One thing have I desired" (See Phil 3:13; Ps 27:4). Are there many things vying for your attention? Focus on the 'one-thing' or the 'ONE' who can truly give you peace and rest.Cry out to Him in your crisis. Let Him refocus your attention on His Divine Presence. Only Jesus can bring His calm to the midst of our chaos.